Health and safety

Business operations

A top priority

Successful enterprises are committed to building safe and healthy workplaces. As a global leader in the oil and gas sector, the health and safety of our employees and business partners is a priority.


Safety is a core business value at Aramco India. We integrate safety into our business strategy, processes, and performance measures and ensure employees have the training, protocols, and equipment to function safely. 

Safety is not just a standard, but an integral part of our business culture. We have also integrated safety principles with our operational excellence framework. Our comprehensive approach is focused on effectively mitigating safety risks.


We endeavour to create a healthy workforce by conducting campaigns and events to promote wellbeing, healthy lifestyle choices, and awareness of health issues. Our employees are armed with the right knowledge on a variety of health-related topics from disease prevention to smoking cessation. For us, employee health is important – both on and off the job.