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Aramco extends COVID-19 support to India

Like everyone around the world, we at Aramco are deeply saddened by the devastating COVID-19 surge that people in India are experiencing right now. Fighting COVID is a global call to action that requires us all to put others before ourselves. That’s why the Aramco family is extending the arm of friendship to India, and doing all we can to help those in dire need get through this critical period.

Amin H. Nasser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aramco
Amin H Nasser, CEO & President

Energy drives daily lives and fuels large scale economies. Aramco India is committed to enhancing the efficiency of India’s crude oil and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) supplies. We collaborate with local businesses and make new partnerships to build a world-class competitive supply chain in this region. 

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A partnership with bold ambitions 

For us, India is more than a valuable hub of customers and suppliers. It represents our collaboration with Indian government agencies and businesses to successfully address the region’s growing demand for energy. As a historic trade partner with Saudi Arabia, India is an investment priority. 

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Driving reliable energy

Together with our wide network of suppliers, we are invested in providing a reliable supply of energy across the region.

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