Business operations

We are committed to India’s long-term success and our association with the region goes beyond a traditional supplier-customer relationship. Our operations span four areas of services: business origination, marketing, quality management, and strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management.

Marketing Services 

India is amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, and we are committed to partnering in its growth. Our marketing services department facilitates the reliable and secure supply of oil and gas to customers in the region. We resolve marketing queries, provide contractual administrative assistance, build and maintain customer relationships. From monitoring the Indian oil market and identifying specific opportunities, to facilitating the sales process and completing transactions, our marketing team takes our propositions to the Indian market.

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Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Relationship Management Services

Close collaboration with local businesses and new partnership opportunities are fundamental to building a competitive supply chain. Our strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management (SRM) team explores new, strategic supplier partnerships from India and Sri Lanka. We look for high quality suppliers to develop a competitive supply chain and maintain a supply base through strategic agreements, business development, and supplier engagement. We also promote potential business opportunities for key services and materials that allow you to invest in Saudi Arabia.

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Quality Management Services

Quality plays an important role in our corporate strategy and has a key role in ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers. By focusing on excellence, our services drive highly complex and ambitious oil and gas programs. We adhere to the highest quality standards and ensure that our operations are world class. Our skilled professionals and agile processes provide cost-effective quality and risk management services that span:

Quality assurance (QA): Perform intensive assessments to ensure the full implementation of ISO 9001 requirements for Saudi Aramco material suppliers. QA assessors are responsible for ensuring that quality standards are being implemented effectively throughout the whole commodity procurement life cycle.

Quality monitoring (QM): Ensure compliance of company requirements and purchase order conditions, by EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractors and JV partners.

Quality control (QC): Ensure that all procured materials are in full compliance with applicable standards and specifications through physical inspections and verification of test certificates.

Business Origination 

Aramco India is looking to partner with Indian industries and agencies to identify and assist business opportunities as part of a larger mission to create synergies between the world’s largest energy company and one of its most trusted customer base.

India has tremendous potential in terms of startups, technologies and investment opportunities in oil and gas, and Aramco India’s Business Origination is keen to partner with and deepen the already existing ties between Saudi Aramco and its Indian customers.

What Business Origination is looking at in India

India’s growth potential is magnified by its robust startup ecosystem, technology expertise, and investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Aramco India is looking to unlock new partnership opportunities in the Indian energy market.

Our business origination services focus on partnerships that explore opportunities in downstream refining assets, research and development programs, new technology investments, fast-growing startups and transfer of technology.

We welcome new partnerships in the following areas:

  • Technologies in Oil & Gas

  • Start-Ups in Energy

  • Upstream Exploration (Oil and Gas), Downstream Refining & Petrochemicals

  • LNG Terminals, Ports and Storages

  • Chemicals 

  • Renewables / Alternative Energy

  • Research and Development in Oil & Gas

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