Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about supplying materials to Saudi Aramco.

Is a representative in Saudi Arabia required to do business with Saudi Aramco and its  subsidiaries?
No, it is not.

How often does the material sourcing list change?
The material sourcing list is subject to periodic updates.

Can I still apply for registration even though my product isn't in the material sourcing list?
Currently, we only approve new sources of supply for items included on the material sourcing list. Since this list is subject to periodic updates, your products could potentially be listed in the next update.  

I have just become an approved supplier. What happens next?
When a specific requirement arises for the item you have been approved for, you’ll be invited for bidding.

What do the following abbreviations mean?

  • 9COM: Saudi Aramco’s material classification system that describes a commodity or a class of materials, but not a specific item.

  • 9CAT: Specific items whose descriptions are maintained by Saudi Aramco in its catalog.

  • MS: Material supply

  • OOK: Out of Kingdom

  • RSA: Responsible standardization agent

  • RVL: Regulated vendor list

  • SAMSS: Saudi Aramco material system specification

  • MSL: Material Sourcing List

I’m already an approved supplier. Can I extend my current approval range for additional materials?

If you would like to increase the number of items you supply, each item must go through the required approval process. Currently, we only approve new sources of supply for items included in the priority list.