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Committed to reliably supplying our customers with the quality products they need, when they need them.

Driving value

Enabling India to strengthen its crude oil and LPG energy value chain aligns with Saudi Aramco vision as the world’s leading oil and gas supplier. Saudi Aramco seeks to be a reliable partner in India’s economic development by investing in its long-term growth. India is a priority investment destination. 

Bridging the energy supply

Crude oil and LPG are essential drivers of India’s future success. While production and delivery are vital functions for local energy companies, we believe that a focus on safety, efficiency, and customer-centricity will amplify the value of energy across India’s households. 

From monitoring the Indian oil market and identifying specific opportunities, to facilitating the sales process and completion of transactions, our marketing team takes our propositions to market. 

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As a first step to becoming a customer or buyer with Saudi Aramco, please connect with us via Contact Us page.

Registration and qualification

Potential customers need to sign a sales agreement with Saudi Aramco to purchase Crude and/or LPG. The registration and qualification processes may vary by several factors such as the customer’s facility location,  quality & quantity, and intended usage. For more information, please use Contact Us.

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Phone : +91-124-6473600

For more information, please use Contact Us.