Aramco Asia inks deals with seven suppliers on general inspection services

Omar Al Amudi (top left), Representative Director of Aramco Japan, signed agreements on behalf of Aramco Asia with seven top-level inspection service solution providers to support the company’s engineering and technical services operation in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Aramco Asia has signed agreements with seven top-level inspection service solution providers, supporting the company's engineering and technical services operation in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The agreements, signed by Aramco Asia Japan in a virtual ceremony on November 20, have a duration of six years and commence in 2021. 

The agreements support Aramco Asia's inspection of products procured from Asia-Pacific manufacturers and suppliers, helping deliver the highest standards of quality and asset integrity for Aramco facilities, capital projects and joint ventures in compliance with Aramco's engineering standards and specifications. 

Omar Al Amudi, Representative Director of Aramco Japan, signed contracts on behalf of Aramco Asia with representatives of the following suppliers: 
1. Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS)
2. Japan Inspection Co. (JIC)
3. ABS Consulting (ABS)
4. ACES-Global Quality Services (ACES)
5. Intertek Industry Services Japan Limited (ITK) 
6. Tata Projects Limited (TATA)
7. RINA Spa

Al Amudi emphasized the importance of inspection and quality assurance as a cornerstone of Aramco's business. “World-class engineering and quality standards are key to reinforcing Aramco's position as a leading, sustainable and reliable source of energy,” he said.

While addressing the audience, Mohammed Al Qahtani, Aramco Asia vice-president of engineering and technical services, emphasized the need to advance quality inspection and called on all suppliers to adopt the most competent and cost-effective practices, streamlined processes and innovative solutions consistent with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

During the event, Yasser Al Subhi, head of Aramco Asia's quality management division, informed participants about the contract obligations and requirements. Al Subhi shared a corporate function overview, workload statistics, future challenges and lessons learned. He also introduced a new tool to optimize inspection service operations, encouraging agencies to adopt new inspection practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest material integrity and compliance.  

Hosted virtually in Tokyo, Japan, the event assembled approximately 80 quality management professionals to discuss best practices for implementing quality inspection services, addressing various aspects of quality management and promoting quality awareness among suppliers.

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