Aramco Asia India (AAI) Reaffirms Corporate Commitment to Quality Excellence

AAI Managing Director and Quality Management Team with participants of AAI Quality Forum 2023

Quality professionals and inspection specialists across India converged at the recent 2023 Aramco Asia India Quality Forum to address the available inspection resources and the upcoming 2024-2025 capital program, held in Mumbai, India.

Under the theme of “Joining Hands to Meet Quality challenges”, the forum served as a platform for a comprehensive exploration of current inspection resources “Manpower” and discussion on future workload.

The event brough out together 90 participants, including AAI Managing Director, Mohammed Al-Herbish, and representatives from the seven inspection service providers of INTERTEK, TATA, SGS, ABS Group, ACES, JIC and RENA.

In his welcoming remarks, Al-Herbish emphasized the essential role of resources in navigating the challenges that lie ahead. “We all shall be ready for the upcoming challenges, especially in the availability of skilled inspectors, given today tight labor market and competition for experienced inspection specialists among industrial sectors” Al-Herbish said.

Throughout the event, AAI quality engineers and inspection specialists from seven inspection service providers actively participated in presentations and discussion. The primary focus was on the inspector qualification process with a shared objective of enhancing comprehension and consequently augmenting the pool of qualified inspectors.

The presentations covered diverse topics starting by explaining the overall inspector qualification process, qualification package preparation, interview readiness, maintaining qualification and inspection agencies’ experience in qualification.

In conclusion, the event was not merely a forum for discussion but a catalyst for action. The insights gained and the connection forged during this gathering will undoubtfully propel us toward a future where we not only meet but exceed the challenges that lie ahead. 

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