Ethics and governance

Our governance


Highest business standards


Being a global leader comes with accountability. We are deeply conscious of our employees’ conduct, actions within a regulatory framework, and impact on the natural ecosystem. Ethics and compliance are also deeply embedded into our corporate culture. These are important benchmarks against which we measure our performance and that of our partners.



Our Corporate Compliance team regularly audits our policies and governance framework. We continuously develop, support, and monitor compliance programs for new and existing legal and regulatory requirements.


Business ethics


We believe that business ethics are not negotiable. We hold both employees and suppliers to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our employees are educated about our ethical and conflict of interest principles through regular reviews. At the same time, employees and third-party stakeholders are encouraged to connect with us through established communication and reporting channels in case they have concerns.


Supplier code of conduct


We are committed to the highest ethical standards in our code of conduct with suppliers. All suppliers are required to acknowledge and agree to abide by the policies and principles outlined in our supplier code of conduct. Our guidelines cover diverse practices including environmental norms, health, safety, fair trade, and ethical sourcing. This enables a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with our suppliers.